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A New FM Coming to Denver; ‘DIY’ Group Settles

Two groups agree to settle mutually exclusive applications

The way is clear for an LPFM station in Denver at 104.7 MHz after two mutually exclusive applicants – one of them promoting the spirit of “DIY” – agreed to combine efforts and form a joint governing board.

The FCC has granted a construction permit to the Open Media Foundation and dismissed a competing application from Denhac at the joint request of both organizations. They were part of MX group #70.

The Open Media Foundation aims to “put the power of the media in the hands of the people” and says it offers affordable media and technology services: “We offer training and tools that enable everyone to represent their own voice in the media conversation,” it told the commission. The group promises locally produced arts, music, news and youth programming. Tony Shawcross is executive director.

Denhac is a nonprofit organization started by tech enthusiasts who sought an LPFM to “create and sustain a local, community-driven, shared space that enables education, experimentation and collaboration, by applying the spirit of Do-It-Yourself to science, technology, engineering and art.” It hoped for a station to “carry the message of technology education and the spirit of collaborative learning to a wider audience in our community, as well as provide a controlled workshop for those interested in pursuing hobbies or careers in music, radio, engineering, content production and even non-STEM topics like underwriting, fundraising, community outreach and management.” Sean Kelly is chairman.

According to their joint statement to the FCC, their settlement involved no monetary or other consideration.

The third applicant in that MX group, Academia Internacional De Arte, was dismissed earlier.

This story includes information from the FCC database and from REC Networks. See the projected signal footprint at the REC Networks site.