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A New Source for Some New Old-Time Radio

Crosley Radio Players radio recreations are now available for air

The Crosley Radio Players is now offering shows for syndication.

The group is based in Terre Haute, Ind., and was featured in a recent story in Radio World. Jerry Arnold said response to that article has helped prompt the move to offer the content to other stations.

“We put on four to six shows a year, doing live recreations of 1930s, ’40s and ’50s radio programs. We use only the original scripts, and as you saw in our photographs, also use period-correct RCA 44B and 77DX stage microphones. Many sound effects are done live on stage.”

Price is $500 for markets 1–50 and $250 for all other markets. The syndication package includes a broadcast-quality CD of the entire show, with slots for local commercials, plus a license for one broadcast, market exclusivity, the first offering in said market for any subsequent programs, recommendations for marketing and, as soon as it is complete, a listing in the Crosley Players Web site.

E-mail Jerry Arnold for information or call (812) 232-4161.