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A Year After Sandy, New Jersey Radio in Good Shape

New Jersey Broadcasters Association reflects in newsletter

The most recent New Jersey Broadcasters Association newsletter contained some ruminations about the first anniversary of the remnants of Hurricane Sandy devastating coastal parts of the state in the week before Halloween last year.

While that lasting damage has made life difficult for many, the NJBA said that thanks to tenacious coverage during the storm by its members, New Jersey radio, at least, has seen a growing number of “new and younger listeners.”

“Recent ratings trends show that listeners acquired during the storm have remained loyal to their local New Jersey stations,” said the write-up.

NJBA President Paul Rotella was quoted in the newsletter, saying, “The crucial role broadcasters played during Superstorm Sandy took center stage at our New Jersey Broadcasters Association conference this past summer, earning praise from local and national leaders.”

According to the newsletter, the NJBA has continued its community-focused role, working with “state agencies like the DCA, EDA, AG’s office and NJHMFA through our unique and ubiquitous PEP program to get the message out to the entire state about programs available to help them recover from the storm.”