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ABA Engineering Academy Preps for Next Course

Basic radio broadcast engineering course available for free

Larry Wilkins of the Alabama Broadcasters Association Engineering Academy reminds us that another Radio Broadcast Engineering Class is slated for this month, Feb. 16–20.

These classes are open to anyone, not just Alabamians or ABA members.

Wilkins says, “We cover everything from the microphone to the antenna … I feel this is a great opportunity for students to receive a complete overview of the technical side of broadcasting and be exposed to the ‘alphabet soup’ of terms used in our industry.”

He describes past, and future, students: “Over the first three years we have had some 200 students attend from all over the U.S. Most of those were already in broadcasting as announcers, production, master control operators, etc. Our regular classes are designed primarily for those interested in learning more about the technical side of broadcasting.”

In addition to the regular five-day classes, the ABA Engineering Academy has hosted a number of one-day seminars focused on special subjects, including HD Radio, IP fundaments and live audio mixing.

He adds that the new year will see some expansion of the curricula: “New for 2015 will be a three-day class for advanced broadcast engineering. These classes will go more in-depth into various technical subjects … digital audio workstations, ingest and play out systems and HDTV. We have also expanded the audio section of the classes focusing on generating ‘quality not quantity’ audio. Our ‘Art of Mixing Live Audio’ seminars have attracted a large number of not only broadcast engineers but church sound crews as well.”

The cost? Wilkins notes, “Best of all, the classes are offered by the Alabama Broadcasters Association’s Engineering Academy at no cost. At the end of the week, we offer the opportunity for students to take the SBE certification exams.”

For more information, visit the website.