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ABC Daytime Direction Still Tops in RADAR

ABC Daytime Direction Still Tops in RADAR

ABC Daytime Direction Network retains the top slot in Arbitron’s latest RADAR radio network audience reports.
It had an average audience of 7.01 million and an average rating of 2.8.
Arbitron said that during the survey period, 74 percent of U.S. consumers age 12+ heard one or more network radio commercials in the course of a week. That statistic is down from 75 percent last quarter.
The top four networks remained the same since the previous quarterly report. Daytime Direction was followed by Jones MediaAmerica TWC, Dial Global Complete FM and ABC Prime Access.
The No. 5 slot was taken over by Westwood WON I, which bumped ABC Morning News.
The report covered the 12 months ending Sept. 20. Sample size increased from 112,000 to 118,000 diarykeepers.
RADAR measures network commercial audiences by combining listening information with clearance data for broadcasts and commercial exposures. The 56 measured networks are operated by ABC Radio Networks, American Urban Radio Networks, Crystal Media Networks, Dial Global Inc., Jones MediaAmerica Inc., Premiere Radio Networks and Westwood One Radio Networks.