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ABC Leaves NAB; Radio, Too

ABC Leaves NAB; Radio, Too

Once again, radio is affected because of a TV fight. Walt Disney’s ABC has pulled its TV and radio stations and its network from NAB membership over the TV 35% audience cap. NAB supports that figure, and the TV networks want the cap eliminated. The FCC recently raised the cap to 45%.
Despite the loss of roughly 60 ABC Radio stations, NAB still has more than 7,400 radio members.
“We regret ABC chose to leave NAB over the 35% TV cap, which has been a long-held position by NAB,” said spokesman Dennis Wharton. He said the association would remain effective as a lobbying organization and has support from its members and non-members on recent legislative battles.
CBS/Infinity left NAB in 2001 and NBC and Fox left in 2000 over the same issue.
Wharton said ABC left NAB membership once before, in the early 1990s, over a cable ownership issue, and then returned.
Still unresolved, said sources, is the extent of ABC’s planned participation in the upcoming NAB Radio Show.