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ABC Local Radio Goes National for Disaster

ABC Queensland providing flood coverage via DAB+ and online to all of Australia

Heavy rains and the resulting flooding have turned much of the northeastern Australian state of Queensland, including parts of its capital, Brisbane, into a disaster area.

The Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) is helping keep evacuees and Australians across the country informed about the flooding by taking 612 ABC Brisbane, the ABC Local service for the city, nationally via DAB+ and via an online stream for areas not served by DAB+.

ABC QLD Floods (QLD is the postal abbreviation for Queensland) is airing 24-hour, rolling coverage of events in Brisbane, the heavily affected Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley areas, and recovery efforts across the state.

Full DAB+ services have launched in Brisbane, Queensland; Sydney, New South Wales; Melbourne, Victoria; Perth, Western Australia; and Adelaide, South Australia.

Australian broadcasters have used DAB+ technology for a series of time-limited “pop up” stations tied to concert tours, sporting contents and other events; ABC QLD Floods takes the same pop up station formula and applies to a natural disaster.

To help keep Australians living abroad and others concerned about the floods informed, the ABC also removed the geolocation filter on the webstream of ABC News 24. The online feed of the news television channel is usually only available within Australia.

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