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ABC Radio Now ‘Citadel Media’

Several ABC Radio brands continue

ABC Radio Networks has been owned in the last 25 years by Capital Cities, The Walt Disney Company and now Citadel Broadcasting. Now, its new owner is retiring the “ABC Radio Networks” name.

“ABC Radio Networks” is now “Citadel Media.”

The new name reflects its current owner, but Citadel said the new moniker is also designed to be more representative of multiple platforms beyond its core radio business, including mobile and digital marketing.

Citadel Media President Jim Robinson, who made the announcement, described ABC Radio/s history. “We originated within the Radio Corporation of America and became NBC’s Blue Network. When the Blue Network split from NBC, the American Broadcasting Company was created.”

The ABC News Radio brand name continues as does ABC Sports Radio, ESPN Radio and ESPN Deportes Radio. Citadel Media will continue to represent those brands, as well as syndicate programming for the News/Talk, Hispanic and Urban formats.

The ABC Radio Web site is affected also. The Web site has been updated to

Citadel Broadcasting acquired the ABC Radio Networks and 22 radio stations from Disney in 2007.