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Abernathy Looks Back

Abernathy Looks Back

As Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy set her departure date from the FCC, she looked back at accomplishments during her term.
“Our largely market-driven approach to advanced services has helped create a vibrant market for new wired and wireless telecommunications products, and our spectrum reform initiatives have improved our ability to put this scarce resource to its most effective use,” she said in a statement.
“Implicit in the commission’s competition-oriented approach to telecommunications regulation is recognition of the fact that competition is a journey. It is a journey in which there are winners and losers, change and upheaval, and no clear destination where all things are settled and all competitors are satisfied. Our effort to create greater regulatory symmetry between cable and telephone company providers of advanced high-speed broadband networks is but one example of that process.”
Additionally, the commission has taken steps to ensure that emergency communications work reliably, Abernathy said.