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Accepting the Pull-a-Plane Challenge

Big D and Bubba put their brawn where their mouths are

Premiere Networks syndicated country radio show “The Big D and Bubba Show” was certainly thinking outside the box when it came to the Hearts Take Flight Pull-a-Plane Challenge.

Done for a charitable cause, a pair of nonprofits — Sports 4 All and The Arc Tennessee, benefitting people with disabilities — the “challenge” involved teams of 10 people pulling an actual airplane at a Tennessee airport. The plane in question, a Jetstream 41, weighs app. 18,000.

Conducted on March 23, the Big D and Bubba team didn’t win, finishing second, but did raise $1,000.

Message to management — the next time a DJ whines about pulling extra duty for a radiothon, threaten to make them pull a plane.

Check out the team in action here.

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