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ADAM Monitors Multimedia Applications

A5 targets desktop workstations, small production.

German monitor manufacturer ADAM Audio is now shipping its A5 Powered Monitor into the U.S. market.

The small A5 is designed for use in multimedia applications and would be suitable for desktop workstation, small production room and editing bay use.

The A5 is biamplified with dual 25 W amplifiers. The 5-inch woofer is made of carbon fiber in a Rohacell sandwich. The tweeter is ADAM’s Accelerated Ribbon Technology ribbon device. A metal grille protects the woofer.

Rear-panel connectors are XLR and RCA.

A new feature called Stereolink allows the A5 to control the volume of other speakers that it is connected to. The A5 comes in a matte black or white finishes but offers an optional piano black finish.