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Adelstein Supports Armstrong Williams Investigation

Adelstein Supports Armstrong Williams Investigation

FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein urged colleagues to look into whether conservative commentator Armstrong Williams broke the law by not disclosing that the Bush administration had paid him to promote its education policies.
Adelstein, a Democrat, said the commission has received several complaints about Williams, according to the Associated Press.
The wire service states that none of the other commissioners, including Chairman Michael Powell, plus Enforcement Bureau Chief David Solomon, answered queries about Williams during Thursday’s open meeting.
Williams told AP he did not break the law and neither did affiliates that carried his show because ads that aired during the program state specifically they were paid for by the Education Department.
Williams is syndicated on radio, TV and in print. He was paid to promote the No Child Left Behind Act.
Adelstein also called on his colleagues to investigate a radio programmer in Buffalo who was fired by Entercom for breaking the station’s rule against taking gifts from business contacts, both the AP and New York Times reported.