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Adelstein Visits the Hill

Adelstein Visits the Hill

The Commerce Committee has sent the nomination of Jonathan Adelstein to the full Senate for a vote to fill the open seat on the FCC.
During a non-contentious nomination hearing, the nominee, Jonathan Adelstein, said he believes there is a crisis in the telecommunications industry due to the market downturn.
“If confirmed, I will work to enhance competition, promote universal access and efficiently manage the public spectrum,” he said.
NAB supports the nomination of the Democrat, a 15-year Senate staffer who was most recently an aide to Majority Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota.
Adelstein was nominated by the president in February, but the nomination was not sent to the Senate until last week because of negotiations among Senate leaders over this and other nominees. It remains unclear when the chamber will vote on the nomination.
Being cautious, Adelstein said he could not talk to the press until his confirmation. He did say he owns a radio, when queried by RW Online.