Ad-Model PPM Ratings Now Available

Change is designed to boost radio’s presence in the marketing mix
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Arbitron hopes its Portable People Meter data will give advertisers a better sense of radio’s contribution to marketing and sales results. The audience research firm is now feeding its Portable People Meter data to GfK MRI’s Granularity Portal, which feeds the marketing mix models used by national advertisers.

The model-ready radio ratings data is linked with Media Monitors commercial airplay data. Previously, the PPM data had been available in a beta version for a small number of trial users, according to Arbitron.

Those trials proved the model-ready Arbitron PPM data can help improve the statistical reliability of marketing mix models and give advertisers a better understanding of radio’s ability to drive marketing ROI, according to the audience research firm. The addition of PPM data in the Granularity portal is also designed to make it easier and faster for advertisers, agencies and modelers to use.

The model-ready statistics are available now to subscribers of the new data set.


Encoding for Ratings in the PPM World

Broadcast engineers in the top 50 radio markets will have new responsibilities when Arbitron switches each market from ratings based on paper-and-pencil diaries to ratings collected electronically by the Portable People Meter system.