Adrian DeVries Is Remembered in Washington State

Adrian DeVries Is Remembered in Washington State
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Adrian DeVries died Tuesday of a heart attack, according to Tom Read of the Northwest Pioneer Broadcasters. DeVries was 83.
Read said DeVries passed away at his home in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and is survived by his wife.
Read called him "the longest continuous radio/TV voice in the state of Washington."
DeVries began his announcing career at KFPY in Spokane in 1944. He was a long-time owner of KCLX and continued to produce radio and TV programs for the Washington State and National Grange and was involved with other agricultural programs. The Washington State Association of Broadcasters honored him as its first Broadcaster of the Year.
"Adrian DeVries will be remembered as the voice of agriculture in Washington state and the nation," Read said. "He pioneered many new concepts in agricultural reporting that will be carried on for years to come."