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Advanced HD Radio Features Highlighted

Watch for album art, ‘protected’ content

Several advanced HD Radio features are on display at CES, according to iBiquity Digital and other organizations.

Album art is showcased. This is the ability to deliver images synchronized to audio programming on HD Radio broadcasts. The aim is to provide listeners a richer multimedia experience. IBiquity says it’s developing a software development kit for receiver manufacturers to aid feature integration, planned for later this year.

Clear Channel Real-Time Traffic with Journaline Information Services will be displayed on the JVC KD-NT3HDT in-dash receiver.

Cydle displaying a portable navigation device with a built-in HD Radio Electronic Program Guide.

Protected content delivered to targeted HD Radio receivers, including premium sports content and radio reading services for the visually impaired, is on display.

A SiPort-based data development platform for advanced traffic and navigation and album art is also featured at the show.