AEQ Caddy Now Shipping

AEQ Caddy Now Shipping
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Current audio technology requires digital and analog audio signals to coexist peacefully in the studio, which is becoming increasingly dependent on converters as a result. When a new facility is being equipped, the large number of converters needed may be surprising.
The AEQ Caddy is a multichannel A/D and D/A converter that includes 12 converters to transform two analog audio channels to one AES/EBU digital stereo channel and 12 converters that transform one AES/EBU digital stereo channel to two analog audio channels. The large number of converters included in this single unit saves space and money and permits circuits to be left free for later expansion. The Caddy incorporates an AES 11 sync input and has a sample rate converter at all digital inputs. For more information go to


Axia iProbe Now Shipping

Axia Audio is shipping iProbe, a network maintenance and diagnostics suite that the company says eases managing, updating and remote controlling Axia IP-Audio networks.