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AES Broadcast and Streaming Sessions Announced

October New York AES show covers broad spectrum of topics

The Audio Engineering Society’s annual show, this year in New York, always manages to attract some big names for its sessions and October’s show is no exception, according to an initial release of the Broadcast and Streaming section sessions. Broadcast and Streaming Chairman David Bialik has wrangled such audio idols as Bob Orban, Frank Foti, Greg Ogonowski, John Storyk along with reps of companies such as Dolby Labs, Fraunhofer, Orban, Telos, ENCO Systems, Broadcast Electronics, SRS, WSDG, CBS Radio, the BBC and organizations such as the NAB and FCC.

Radio World Editor in Chief Paul McLane will host the session – “New Initiatives in Digital Audio Playback and Automation for Radio.” Sessions of interest to radio broadcasters would be: “Audio Processing for Radio,” “Improving the Streaming Audience Experience,” “Streaming & Encoding,” “Working with Content Delivery Networks” and especially, “FM Stereo Broadcast’s 50th Anniversary.”

Also in the Broadcast and Streaming section are: “Facility Design – Renovation and Retrofitting,” “Considerations for Facility Design,” “Audio Engineering – Supporting People with Disabilities,” “Listener Fatigue and Retention,” “Television Loudness and Metadata,” “Lip Sync Issue,” “Sound Effects for ‘The Witches of Lublin’” and “Media Files Management – Storage, Backup & Retrieval of Your Assets.”

Additionally, an SBE Certification exam will be given at the show. The show will be Oct. 20–23, at the Jacob Javits Center.