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AES Creates the Larry Estrin Scholarship Fund

Scholarship will be awarded annually to graduate students

Long-time broadcast professional Larry Estrin is having his legacy remembered by the Audio Engineering Society Educational Fund, as the organization announced the creation of the Larry Estrin AESEF Scholarship Fund. The scholarship will be handed out annually to graduate students, with preference given to those who have shown a “dedicated commitment to audio engineering,” per AESEF’s announcement.

Larry Estrin

Estrin was a pro audio industry innovator who contributed to wireless RF technology, broadcast production and live sound. Some of his career achievements included developing the first remote audio mobile unit designed for TV production; establishing standards for dual/redundant/diverse path physical backbone wired and wireless communications; initiating the use of rolling audio speaker carts during production of the Super Bowl; and coordinating the first stereo broadcasts of the Academy Awards and Grammy Awards. He also went on to found Best Audio production firm.

Estrin passed away in September of 2015.

“Larry was truly an industry giant whose contributions remain remarkably influential and helped shape the broadcast and live production industries as we know them today,” said Don Puluse, president of the AESEF in the organization’s press release. “This scholarship will encourage even further creative thinking and innovation from today’s students as they pursue their educational paths to become tomorrow’s industry leaders.”

The Larry Estrin AESEF Scholarship Fund will offer $5,000 annually. Applicants must be graduate students who are also AES members; preference will be given to those who focus on audio engineering in the broadcast industry or related field with advanced studies in RF technology or communications and broadcast production.

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