AES Delves Into Audio History

Upcoming historical program from Stokowski to Sear
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The Historical Program for the upcoming Audio Engineering Society Show in New York will feature historical looks at Leopold Stokowski, Walter Sear, classical music recording techniques and broadcast material preservation.

Robert Auld will present an examination of conductor Leopold Stokowski. Stokowski had a reputation for pushing the bounds of recording techniques and technologies, often collaborating with leading audio engineers of the day.

Another session in which Stokowski’s name might be mentioned is “Classical Recording in America: From One Microphone to 24 Tracks.” Overseen by Thomas Fine, this will explore the evolution of classical music recording from the monophonic 1950s to the multitracked 1970s.

Noah Simon will lead “A Tribute to Walter Sear.” Sear Sound is one of the oldest recording studios in New York City, if not the oldest. It is popular for its well-maintained classic analog equipment. Sear, who passed away in 2010, was committed to recording excellence in his studio. He also had a varied career, being at times a successful tuba and instrument importer along with a promoter and business partner of Robert Moog.

Also on the historical program, James Sam of The Hoover Institution at Stanford University will detail an audio preservation program he has going that is salvaging Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and Commonwealth Club of California audio collections.

The AES Show is scheduled for Oct. 20–23.


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