AES Exhibits, for Free

Exhibits-only passes available
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If you happen to be planning a trip to San Francisco around the first week of November and want to get a flavor of the 129th Audio Engineering Society Convention without springing for a full pass, the AES has made free exhibits-only passes available.

The “VIP” passes are good for all three days of Moscone Center visiting. The AES has again attracted a broad collection of exhibitors showing the latest and greatest in professional audio equipment.

Approximately 200 exhibitors are listed as attending and they range from retro/tube worshipping boutique audio equipment makers to the latest in futuristic digital equipment builders. And most everything in between.

Where else can you find modern incarnations of Telefunken microphones and Fairchild compressors along with modern digital plug-ins that would allow you to imitate those devices or a hundred others?


Exhibition Update

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