AES Jumps Into the Stream

CBS Radio’s director of streaming operations will host panel on audio streaming
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Plans are coming together for broadcast-interest sessions at the upcoming annual Audio Engineering Society convention in New York, Oct. 9–12. David Bialik again is chairing the broadcast sessions.

One panel will concentrate upon audio streaming. It will be led by Raymond Archie, director of streaming operations for CBS Radio. His guests will include Majd Naciri of Intel, Ben Terrell of Reciva Internet Radio, Harry Johnson of vTuner and Jean-Francois Gadoury of Stream The World.

Radio World Contribuing Editor Skip Pizzi will lead a panel examining the latest in “Audio for Newsgathering.”

Several facility design and construction experts, including John Storyk and Dirk Noy, will look at facility design do’s and dont’s in “Facility Design: A Case Study.”

And the latest in IP audio will receive extensive investigation in two panels.

A highlight for many broadcasters will be the keynote speech, to be given by “Exploring Music” radio show host Bill McGlaughlin. “Exploring Music” is a nationally syndicated educational classical music program.


Broadcast Sessions at AES

These are among the broadcast program sessions at the AES convention in San Francisco. Other sessions cover topics including DTV audio myths and lip sync issues.