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AES Now Involved With OCA Alliance

Goal is a 'public, open and royalty-free communications protocol standard' for control and monitoring of audio devices in networks

Are you following industry efforts to get audio devices and networks to talk to one another? Add another round of initials and numbers to the discussion.

The Audio Engineering Society and the OCA Alliance announced a collaboration to “to produce a public, open and royalty-free communications protocol standard for reliable and secure control and monitoring of interconnected audio devices in networks of two to 10,000 elements.”

In addition, these standards “will offer a path to complete network application solutions for future media networks that include both media transport and system control functionality.”

A key point of the prospective standard, called AES-X210, is that it be compatible with the in-development AES-X192 digital audio (IP) spec and the IEEE AVB specs.

A release notes that much of the OCA groundwork was laid in the 1990s by the AES24 project.

AES Standards Committee Chair Bruce C. Olson stated, “The AES-X210 project to standardize OCA takes us to the next important milestone by integrating control with transport of audio over a variety of networks.”

The AES is also looking for interested individuals to contribute. More information about that can be found here.

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