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AES Plans Historical Track

Lee de Forest, RCA Victor Studios among subjects

The Audio Engineering Society released a summary of the historical lecture track for its upcoming convention in San Francisco, Oct. 26–29.

Nicholas Bergh, president of Endpoint Audio Labs, will take on “The Evolution of Electrical Recording at RCA Victor Studios 1925–1953.” This will examine the murky formative years of recording at the RCA Victor Studios.

Mike Adams, a professor of radio, television and film at San Jose State University, will take a look at a famed inventor in “Lee de Forest: The Man Who Turned Science into Art.” De Forest was almost as productive as Edison and often more practical in his inventions. He sometimes seems to have worked on everything from electronic tubes to film soundtracks.

Two related sessions are: “The Replay of Historical Magnetic Tape — More than Pressing the Play Button” from Nadja Wallaszkovits of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna, and “Old Fables About Magnetic Recording Theory” by Jay McKnight and Jeff McKnight.

Wallaszkovitz will discuss preservation of magnetic tape originals while the McKnight’s will take a look at some old concepts concerning magnetic recording.

A session that is not exactly “historical” but might be of interest top grizzled radio vets is “Mastering for Vinyl — Today’s Challenges.” It is helmed by Scott Hull, a veteran mastering engineer for Masterdisk, and will examine the continuing life of vinyl records.

A tour to of some interest to Dolby Labs has been scheduled. Called “The Egg Show: A Demonstration of the Artistic Uses of Sound on Film,” its subject is tips and tricks film soundtrack designers and editors use. Ioan Allen, a senior vice president at Dolby Laboratories, will present.

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