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AES Publishes New IP Audio Standard

The Audio Engineering Society has published the new AES70 audio over IP standard. Additionally, a report on the recently conducted AES67 interoperability Plugfest has been released.

AES Standards Manager Mark Yonge explained AES70 “follows on to complement the AES67 audio over IP networking standard we published in 2013. It covers quite comprehensively the control and monitoring of audio devices over a network.”

AES70 defines a scalable control-protocol architecture for professional media networks featuring Open Control Architecture, addressing device control and monitoring but not standards for streaming media transport. The standards committee will continue to work on additional elements necessary for a fully standardized audio networking environment for professionals, Yonge says.

The was protocol originally proposed as a field-tested specification by a consortium of companies (including Bosch Communications, Harman, Salzbrenner Stagetec and Yamaha), and it is already implemented in the field and looks to grow rapidly.

AES70 consists of three parts:

  • Part 1: Framework describes the models and mechanisms of the AES70 Open Control Architecture. These models and mechanisms together form the AES70 Framework
  • Part 2: Class structure specifies the control class structure for AES70 that defines the AES70’s control and monitoring functional capabilities
  • Part 3: Protocol for TCP/IP Networks specifies a protocol implementation for TCP/IP networks

The AES67-2015 interoperability plugfest report, AES-R15-2015, summarizes the test event held at NPR headquarters in Washington, Nov.1–5, 2015, during which 11 companies tested 13 products to confirm functional compatibility for the high-performance streaming audio over IP network.