AES Session Preview: Audience Measurement

Is anything more important than getting reliable audience number measurements?
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The 139th AES convention is coming soon, Oct. 29–Nov. 1, in New York.

David Layer, senior director, advanced engineering, National Association of Broadcasters, is leading a session called “Audience Measurement for Stream and Broadcast.” Expected to be on the panel are Frank Foti of Omnia/Telos Alliance, Rob Green of WideOrbit and John Rosso, Triton Digital.

Radio World: What is this session about?
David Layer:
I am very excited about this session because it is an opportunity to inform AES members about an important aspect of the radio and streaming audio business, that of audience measurement. This is a new topic to the AES convention, I do not believe it has ever been covered before, but it is one that the AES Broadcast and Streaming Session Chair, David Bialik of CBS Radio, and I think will be an interesting one.

RW: Why should busy people attend this session?
The audio streaming business is a relatively new one, especially when compared to the well-established terrestrial radio broadcasting business. Audio engineers attending this session will learn about how audiences are measured for both of these services and will see that there are significant differences. This will be a great session for audio engineers interested in learning more about the business aspects of broadcast and streaming audio.

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