AES Session Preview: Streaming Audio From the Cloud

Got a stream? Thinking about a stream? Hear from the experts
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The 139th AES convention starts up this week and runs to Nov. 1.

For those lucky enough to attend, former NPR Labs guru John Kean will be helming a session called “Streaming Audio From the Cloud,” Oct. 29, 2:15–3:45 p.m.

Kean explains the need for the session: “Delivery of audio content via the online ‘cloud’ has become a significant consumer media, enjoyed by millions of listeners each day. This panel will discuss their own form of delivery, such as streaming, podcasts, or progressive file transfer, and their system architecture.”

For the nitty-gritty, he adds, “The panelists are encouraged to talk about the audio codec(s) and bitrates they use, and why. All are invited to address the forthcoming guidelines for audio loudness being developed by the AES: their likes, concerns and suggestions for implementing the guidelines in their own system.”

Kean notes that for “Busy attendees who operate online content, this would include streams, podcasts and what I call ‘progressive file transfer,’ which ‘pushes’ audio content automatically to customer players, will find the session useful. They will hear how some operators support their services, technically, where the technology is heading.”

Panelists include: Michael Dube, NPR; Dan Jeselsohn, New York Public Radio; Kyle Wesloh, American Public Media; and Adrian Wisbey, BBC FM Media Services.

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