AES Sets Out Its Broadcast/Streaming Track

San Francisco convention offers big names, current issues
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AES Broadcast/Streaming Chair David Bialik has put together the broadcast/streaming session list for upcoming AES convention in October.

He’s gathered a number of recognizable names along with addressing several current issues. Of particular interest to radio pros are “Broadcast Audio Networking Techniques,” “Stream Distribution — IP in the Mobile Environment” and “Understanding Codecs.”

Dan Braverman of Radio Systems will be helming the broadcast audio networking session. He’ll be joined by Tag Borland of Logitek and Greg Shay of Telos. The codecs session will include Kirk Harnack of Telos along Chris Tobin of Musicam USA, Jeff Riedmuller of Dolby and J.J. Johnston.

Other sessions that may be of interest include some well-known audio names: Bob Orban, Frank Foti, Greg Ogonowski, Karlheinz Brandenberg and George Massenberg, collected together in “What Happens to Your Production When Played Back on Diverse Media?

There will also be sessions on TV audio (including a look at the CALM Act), facility acoustic design, sound design, audio processing basics (Foti, Orban and Johnston) and listener fatigue.

One final bit of amusement might be found in a session, rather a “live performance,” “Poe, A Life in Sound” featuring Phil Proctor. Yes, THE Phil Proctor of the old Firesign Theater.

The 133rd AES Convention is in San Francisco, Oct. 26–29.


Broadcast Sessions at AES

These are among the broadcast program sessions at the AES convention in San Francisco. Other sessions cover topics including DTV audio myths and lip sync issues.

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