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AES: SoundField SPS2000

The new A-Format microphone captures both stereo and surround sound.
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TransAudio Group is showing the new SoundField SPS200 software-controlled microphone at the 125th AES in San Francisco.

The new A-Format microphone captures both stereo and surround sound, making it ideal for the broadcast and audio recording markets. It is powered by standard 48 B phantom power and incorporates four low-noise, studio grade condenser capsules. A short breakout cable outputs audio at mic level on four balanced XLRs, making its compatible with other equipment.

The SPS200 also the first SoundField microphone that doesn't need an accompanying control unit. All the processing — such as the A to B-Format conversion, stereo and surround sound decoding/manipulation — takes place in the Surround Zone software, which comes packaged with the microphone.


Opinion: Compatibility Begins at Home

Surround-sound broadcasting has been a hot topic for both terrestrial and satellite radio. As with any enhancement to an existing broadcast format, backward compatibility is a must. The systems proposed or in use for surround radio adhere to this requirement, delivering surround audio to properly equipped new receivers, without compromising existing mono or stereo reception on existing devices.

AES Gets Back on Track in L.A.

Gory details and safety concerns notwithstanding, the AES committed to a December convention in New York. Although the event was understated, with not a lot of new products or selling, by all accounts the convention was deemed by organizers and most participants as a muted success