AES Tours the Big Apple

'Eclectic' lineup of tours for conventioneers
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Attendees of the Audio Engineering Society convention in New York, Oct. 9–12, will have an "eclectic" selection of audio-related tours to choose from.

Some of the tours will be historical in nature: a visit to Thomas Edison National Historical Park, a tour of Sterling Sound, a mastering studio responsible for more than its share of Gold and Platinum albums since 1969 and, not so much audio, but a look at DuArt, a long-time leading film and video processor.

Similarly, a tour of the massive EUE Screen Gems Studios should be replete with flashbacks to favorite TV series of the past and present.

Other tours will have more of a technical nature. A journey into the wilds of New Jersey will result in a visit to another massive facility, AT&T's Global Network Operations Center. The GNOC serves as the nerve center of AT&T's telecommunications network. Bronx-based Industrial Acoustics Co. will be the destination of a tour looking at the design and construction of acoustic materials and devices.

Visits to two studios are also on the schedule, with a visit to audioEngine, an audio post house for multiple markets, as well as a look at the nearly completed new studio/teaching facilities at New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, Dept. of Music and Performing Arts Professions.