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After Storm NAB Pushes FM Chip

NAB urges members to customize ‘RadioRocksMyPhone’ scripts

Radio’s programming efforts before, during and after Hurricane Sandy may bolster the industry’s efforts to get wireless companies to embed FM chips in mobile devices as well as activate the chips in place now.

NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith stated this week that “radio’s unflappable strength during crisis situations once again shined through. In the midst of power and communications failures, broadcast radio was there, keeping Americans safe.”

The broadcast lobby sent a note to members this week reminding them that NAB provides tools to help stations make their listeners aware of the power of radio. NAB has pre-produced spots that encourage listeners to seek out mobile devices with built-in radio, as well as scripts that stations can customize.

“We encourage you to educate your listeners on the reliability of radio during times of crisis. Your station can be a lifeline in times of emergency, as we saw this week during Hurricane Sandy. Make sure your listeners know how to be prepared,” stated Smith.

Stations can download spots and scripts and banner ads from the Radio Rocks My Phone website.

The lobby asks East Coast members to consider customizing one of its scripts (Your Lifeline or Always On Always There) to include relevant recent events.