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AFTRA Extends Award Submission Deadline

AFTRA Extends Award Submission Deadline

Prospective competitors for the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists’ “American Scene Awards” for the employment and portrayal of women, minorities, seniors and people with disabilities now have until July 11 to submit their entries.
“We are looking for solid evidence in media that illustrates the presence and participation of many different types of people,” said AFTRA National President John Connolly. AFTRA’s Equal Employment Opportunities Committee is running the national competition. Members are looking for material in a variety of media fields, such as radio, TV, recording and non-broadcast programming that promotes this image.
Official entry areas include Local or National Television or Radio Commercials, Nonbroadcast/Industrial/Education Products, Documentary, New Media, Daytime Drama, Sound Recording and others. Entries can be submitted to the association’s local offices, and must have been produced under an AFTRA contact no earlier than the summer of 2001.