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AFTRA Meets, Holds Elections

Seattle convention returns Reardon, AFTRA-SAG union talk

Delegates of AFTRA have finished their convention in Seattle, July 21–23. Previous office holders running were returned along with new officers being elected.

Current union president Roberta Reardon was re-elected as national president. Sirius XM Satellite Radio host Bob Edwards was re-elected as national first vice president and actress Gabrielle Carteris was newly elected to national second vice president. Other National Vice Presidents re-elected were Danny Delk, Holter Graham, Bob Butler, Catherine Brown and Jim Ferguson. Denis Berkfeldt was the only newly elected national vice president.

National Treasurer Matt Kimbrough and National Recording Secretary Lanie Cooke were also re-elected to their offices.

A hot topic and the subject of an approved resolution was the unification of AFTRA and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). See also our earlier story.