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Agere Begins Shipping New Sirius Chips

Agere Begins Shipping New Sirius Chips

Sirius chipmaker Agere Systems has started shipping second-generation chipsets to receiver-makers. RW Online first told readers about the next gen. chips at CES. An initial order of 60,000 chipsets has begun shipping to Kiryung Electronics of Seoul, Korea, to be used in Sirius satellite radios scheduled to be on store shelves this spring.
The new chipset uses Agere’s COM2H process technology to integrate all digital portions of the receiver circuitry, excluding memory, into a single chip. This reduces the receiver design dimensions to the size of a credit card. The new chipset reduces required power by 50%.
“This initial roll out of our new chipsets will help support our introduction of second generation Sirius satellite radios into the marketplace, including our ‘Plug & Play’ units,” said Joe Clayton, president/CEO of Sirius.