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Aha Adds More Terrestrial, Digital Radio Stations

CRN, Federated Media, FreeStreams now on Aha by Harman connected-car platform

All seven channels of CRN Digital Talk Radio are now available on the Aha by Harman platform. Aha has also added Federated Media’s 17 Northern Indiana radio stations.

The other addition is FreeStreams, which says it gives radio and television broadcasters software and a monetization plan so the stations can make money from their Internet and mobile distribution.

Aha uses its cloud platform to organize Internet audio content into “on-demand radio stations,” so you can access them from the dashboard, at home or from a handheld device. The Aha app is available for Android and iOS.

CRN Digital Talk Radio President/CEO Michael Horn says “People have asked for our shows to be available in vehicles” and CRN believes its programming will complement the Aha service.

The CRN, Federated Media and FreeStreams stations are now available globally, and by the end of the year, they will be on the Aha platform in cars made by some 10 manufacturers, including Acura, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Porsche, Scion and Subaru. In total, those automakers represent more than 50% of all cars sold in the USA/Canada and up to 30% in Europe, according to Aha.