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Aiir Adds SMS to Studio Inbox

Service is compatible with existing listener request and dedicated studio phone lines

Radio broadcast software developer and service provider Aiir has announced a new feature for its Studio Inbox application, SMS texting (including tweets and Facebook messages) via a studio phone number.

Aiir says that the feature can be simply applied to any phone number, no special number or phone company service is needed.

The feature will allow studio personnel to interact with listeners by receiving and sending text messages via a radio station’s already established phone number. It will not disrupt phone service, Aiir says. The feature should work for all U.S. and Canadian phone systems.

Aiir Co-Founder Ricki Lee said, “We’re simplifying the way listeners text your radio studio. You already have a request line/studio phone number you mention on air everyday. Now it’s time to let your listeners text the same number. No keywords, no confusion, it’s so simple.”