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AIS 2.0 Is Streaming Insertion

AIS 2.0 Is Streaming Insertion

Abacast released its AIS 2.0 streaming ad injection technology.
The company said it is suitable for injecting content such as ads, music and PSAs into live streaming media to replace content that cannot be played online. It says the technology enables terrestrial stations to stream broadcasts online legally and more profitably while complying with AFTRA-related concerns.
AIS 2.0 switches streams from over-the-air to online-only content. The switching can be done manually or automated by triggers sent from radio playout systems. Abacast says this is most often required during over-the-air ad breaks in which the over-the-air ads cannot be played online; broadcasters fill the breaks with different ad inventory, music or station IDs.
Highlights include a buffering feature that allows the use of replaced content that isn’t the same length as the time gap being filled; an interface that eases scheduling and monitoring of online content that can be injected; and cooperation with AdSync, which synchronizes banner or tile advertisements with the injected ads or content, allowing for direct all to action campaigns.