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AKG ‘Cash for 700 MHz Clunkers’ Program

AKG Wants Your 700 MHz Wireless Microphone System and They’ll Pay For It!

Microphone- and headphone-maker AKG has a new rebate program that might be described as “Cash for 700 MHz Clunkers.”

AKG is offering a cash rebate for buyers of non-700 MHz wireless systems if they turn in their 700 MHz system (technically 698 MHz – 806 MHz). The offer is brand agnostic. Rebates can run as high as $500. The program runs through June 30, 2010.

Joseph Wagoner, product manager for tour/installed/wireless sound for AKG USA said: “The rebate is real money and not a discount certificate off the price of a future purchase of that brand’s product so this adds real value to the program for new and existing AKG customers who are looking for a real cost saving on replacing their old systems.”