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Alexa Plays SiriusXM

Satellite radio now available to trial and paid subscribers with Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa has quickly emerged as the leading voice service in America. Music, news and sports are already some of the most popular categories of content. Now, even more options will be available as SiriusXM announced that its 200+ channels will be offered to subscribers nationwide with Amazon Alexa. Customers will be able to ask Alexa to play their favorite channels by saying, for example, “Alexa, play Tom Petty Radio on SiriusXM.” The announcement was made this morning on “The Howard Stern Show,” on Stern’s SiriusXM channel.

In addition to the wide range of musical content, an extensive range of live sporting events will be available. The list includes every MLB and NBA game, every NASCAR race, as well as NHL hockey, PGA Tour events and college sports.

SiriusXM content that is available on Amazon Alexa will mirror what is already available to that customer when he or she is streaming the SiriusXM app, based on their subscription. Customers can sample SiriusXM by setting up their streaming log in, or signing up for a free trial at the SiriusXM website.

Alexa already offers content such as news, provided by TuneIn from sources such as ESPN, NPR and local radio stations. Weather reports are delivered from AccuWeather, while users with Amazon Music accounts also have built-in support for Pandora and Spotify accounts.