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Alliance Forms to Certify AVB Products in the Car

AVnu Automotive AVB Gen2 Council is outgrowth of AVnu Alliance

An international industry forum that is looking to certify interoperable Audio Video Bridging (AVB) products in the car, AVnu Alliance, has created an automotive division.

Called AVnu Automotive AVB Gen2 Council (AAA2C), the group recently formed following a kick-off meeting in Regensburg, Germany. The AVnu Alliance says it’s dedicated to enabling an ecosystem of affordable professional-quality streaming for networked audio and video content.

The AAA2C says its members will identify automotive requirements for future development of the second generation of AVB standards. The current IEEE AVB standards have been adopted in several markets, including automotive and professional A/V.

The AVnu Alliance has a growing list of members representing automotive technology, including OEMs, equipment manufacturers, middleware developers and silicon suppliers.

“A converged Ethernet backbone is needed for the ever-increasing cross-domain communication needs between active safety devices, infotainment, engine control and other car systems,” says AVnu Alliance President Rick Kreifeldt, who’s also vice president of Research & Innovation, Corporate Technology Group at audio and video equipment manufacturer Harman.

Those interested in joining or learning more about the AAA2C may contact [email protected].