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Also This Week

Other happenings of note this week.

Other things of note happening here this week:

  • NPR Labs filed two DTV Channel 6 receiver studies with the FCC this week. The studies involving 17 models of indoor DTV receivers are meant to answer the question: “What happens to the rules protecting full-service analog TV stations on Channel 6 next year when TV goes digital?” NPR Labs did not make any recommendations, John Kean told me, rather it will seek commission reaction before figuring out its next steps. More on the actual tests themselves in the next issue of The Leslie Report.
  • Sept. 29 is the application deadline for non-com stations seeking digital conversion grants. At a meeting here devoted to helping stations make decisions regarding the grants, iBiquity noted that 25% (or 435 out of 1,336) of digital stations on-air now are public stations.
  • NAB’s David Layer has added a new page to the NRSC Web site called “Reports”. The page went live this week and included some 20 documents. Some are historical in nature. Layer credited Stan Salek of Hammett & Edison for helping with the effort.