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AM Analog Sunset? What Do You Think?

Readers react to Walden’s remark

One of the news threads at last week’s NAB Show was Glynn Walden’s suggestion to “sunset” analog AM in favor of all-digital transmission.

A sampling of reader reactions:

“This sounds good, as long as the system employed is DRM and NOT IBOC.”

“In my opinion, this is a suicide mission to make AM all-digital.”

“In my experience, a good AM stereo station does very well.”

“The problem is the band not the mode. If the band was digital only, the noise would shrink the coverage areas. I don’t care if the TV stations don’t like losing Channel 5 and 6, we need the band for audio broadcast.”

“This might as well be a ‘sunset the AM band’ proposal.”

“This sounds like a way for large broadcasters to trump small broadcasters. If the FCC really wants to help, they should make FM translators available to existing AM stations, and those translators should receive primary status.”

“Here we go again. Glynn has overseen the hybrid mode at night, making high-power night signal listening nearly impossible.”

“The FCC made adoption voluntary precisely because of the proprietary nature of HD Radio. How will the FCC walk back from that?”

What do you think about the possibility of a “date certain” shutoff of analog AM radio? Email [email protected], attention Letter to the Editor.