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AM/FM Radio Is Still Strong; Spotify Gaining Ground

Good news for radio broadcasters: Data from Edison Research’s Q1 2016 “Share of Ear” study shows AM/FM still dominates the American listening landscape. So says a recent blog post from the Westwood One Insights team, which unpacked some relevant insights into how U.S. consumers listen to audio.

Advertisers currently perceived a fairly close split in terms of consumers time spent with AM/FM (55%) versus streaming services (45%) — but Edison research does not bear this out. On the contrary, 52% of time listening is spent with AM/FM radio, while Spotify and Pandora combined reach 9% of time spent listening — and owned music is still going fairly strong with 14%. And radio still reaches three-quarters of Americans on a daily basis.

Streaming may be increasingly popular, particularly among millennials, however, many of those listeners will also turn on the radio. Additionally, streaming is more likely to cut into time spent with owned music — not OTA radio.

For those who favor streaming, Spotify and its on-demand offerings are increasingly en vogue, while Pandora is decreasing in popularity. Spotify grew 63% year over year, while Pandora is at -2% for the same period. Spotify also represents 10.6% of millennial listening time, while Pandora is at 10.2% for Q1 2016.

Podcasting remains popular with those aged 18-34 — especially with African American men and women (5.4 and 5.2 share, respectively) compared to the general population 18-34 (4.3).

Learn more in the full Slide Share presentation.

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