AM IBOC Interference Dispute Sparks Debate

Some commenters say FCC should let at least some stations go all-digital
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My story in the previous issue about an IBOC interference dispute between two California AMs generated much reader interest.

Midwest Television, licensee of KFMB(AM) in San Diego, submitted a second interference complaint to the commission about Kiertron, licensee of KBRT(AM), a Class D in Avalon, Calif., and has asked the agency to suspend KBRT's authority to transmit in digital. KBRT says it has reduced its digital power by 6 dB but feels the previous FCC notice to turn off its digital power isn't final.

Some commenters say KBRT should ask the FCC to let the station transmit in all-digital mode; however the commission rules governing IBOC are for a hybrid analog-digital system only. It hasn't gotten to the all-digital rules yet.

Another reader says "stations used to be held accountable with possible fines for interfering. Now they just let it go [be sold] to the highest bidder."


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