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AM Revitalization Published in Federal Register

The FCC announced its AM Revitalization Order back in October.

The FCC announced its AM Revitalization Order back in October. Now it has been published in the Federal Register. Notably, we also now know the deadlines for comments on a number of additional changes being proposed by the commission.

According to a blog post by law firm Fletcher Heald & Hildreth, the changes that the FCC already took as part of the order become effective Feb. 18. (There is one exception; revised Section 73.1560 needs to be sent to the Office of Management and Budget for its approval, according to the Paperwork Reduction Act.)

Any petitions for reconsideration also must be submitted by Feb. 18. In addition, with publication in the Federal Register, any judicial appeal of these new rules must be submitted by March 21.

Looking beyond those changes, the FCC wants comments for additional proposed rules by March 21 (docket number 15-142), with responses due April 18. Among the changes being proposed are modifications to AM protection standards; a revision to the rule on siting of FM cross-service fill-in translators; modification of the partial proof and MoM rules; and a requirement that licensees that still have both their original and their expanded-band stations must surrender one.

A Closer Look at the AM Radio Revitalization Order
Adopted changes (PDF)
Proposed changes (PDF)