AM Station Hopes to Be First in Montana to Go Digital ...

AM Station Hopes to Be First in Montana to Go Digital ...
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The first HD Radio station in Montana will be KOJM(AM) at 610 kHz, according to its president, David Leeds. It is owned by New Media Broadcasters.
He said the station licensed Ibiquity software and placed an order for the necessary hardware from Harris in December and was the first station in Montana to sign up with Ibiquity. It plans to throw the switch in July. He also oversees two FM stations, KPQX and KRYK.
"We plan to update the AM first, because it will have the greatest impact on our audience," he told Radio World. "The first radio station in Montana was located in Havre, Mont., so it is appropriate that the first HD Radio station in Montana, KOJM, will also be located in Havre."


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