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Ambitious AM in Saxonburg

Saxonburg Radio might be small but it has big eyes

Radio vet Ken Hawk decided to put his money where his mouth was and start his own radio station and program it the way he thinks a local radio station should be programmed.

Welcome to WSNQ/AM 1620, in Saxonburg, Pa.; in western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh.

Admittedly the beginnings are humble — with a transmitter power of 100 milliwatts, it’s more a matchstick than a blowtorch — so much of the effort is being put towards its webstream and TuneIn. Hawk said, “We know that the means of delivering a radio product are no longer limited to just an over-the-air signal, and now listeners have more choices than ever.”

He added, “It’s a throwback to the way radio used to be done.”

Hawk has a background as a field reporter and news anchor for numerous stations, mostly in small towns in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan; though he’s had stops in Pittsburgh and Detroit. He’s gathered together a handful of faithful local and regional radio vets, along with his wife, to make the dream a reality.

The format promises to be a mix of local news along with music — a wide variety of music.