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American Family Is IPReady

Satellite-based EAS-CAP system fits the bill

Non-profit American Family Radio has settled upon an EAS-CAP solution, IPReady, offered by satellite communications vendor VSAT Systems and satellite services operator Ka You Communications.

IPReady is a satellite-based system that in this case will involve an Internet Protocol link to 156 AFR transmitter sites. Customers receive a satellite antenna, modem, block upconverter and feed assembly. The vendors said most operators can use an existing dish to receive program content. Ka You Communications provides installation services; VSAT Systems offers 24/7 network monitoring.

IPReady uses the iDirect satellite platform to link transmitters to the network. Its iDirect 5IF satellite hub is in Akron, Ohio.

Joey Moody is chief engineer of American Family Radio, which has about 200 stations.