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American Target Network Launches Radio Ad Network

Enables advertisers to customize marketing strategy

American Target Network now offers flexible, customizable national, regional and local advertising buys at discounted rates for radio, it says.

According to the company, the new ATN Radio Network tailors its campaigns to each client’s specific advertising needs across all platforms. It specializes in eliminating nonapplicable markets, extraneous streaming media and other costs that traditionally drive up network or multimarket radio buying. With ATN, there are no stations or markets locked into the buy; an advertiser only pays for coverage in its unique marketing footprint, it says.

“We customize the network for each client, eliminating any cost that doesn’t drive the bottom line, optimizing as we go, and still provide a one-buy solution,” said ATN Vice President of Radio Affiliate Sales Brett Charest. “We provide local flexibility at network efficiency. We are able to hypertarget audiences demographically and geographically.”

ATN Radio provides advertisers the opportunity to shift their marketing emphasis to those geographies delivering the greatest ROI. ATN delivers this hypertargeting capability by interfacing its proprietary optimization technology with ACT 1 Systems Nielson Summary Data set.

It covers the spectrum of radio formats, incorporating talk, urban, country, sports and female-focused networks, among others. ATN customizes each mix of markets and DMAs to an advertiser’s network footprint. Creative rotations can also be localized for individual regions.