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AM/FM Remains “Reach Monster”

And Pandora now reaches more than one-in-six of all 25–54s, according to Edison

Broadcast radio is still a good way to reach a broad swath of people.

Some 75% of respondents in Edison’s recent Share of Ear survey recorded at least some listening to AM/FM in their one-day listening diary, Edison says in its blog.

Calling AM/FM a “reach monster,” Edison says that Pandora and Spotify are also achieving “solid reach” for those age 13–24.

Broadcast radio provides the most daily reach overall, even among 13–24-year-olds. However, while AM/FM reaches 62% of 13–24s in a day, Pandora reaches 23%, and Spotify reaches 14%, according to the audience research firm.

Edison says 80% of the classic radio “money demo” of 25­–54s listens to broadcast radio each day while Pandora now reaches more than one-in-six of all 25–54s.